Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Of Black Shades and Nudes (YSL)

The Spring Summer 2010 collection by Yves Saint Laurent

Black ones are sexy, especially em pumps ;)

But the nudes are a must, because :

1)They blend in with the colour/tone of your skin, making your legs look longer & slimmer
2)Compliments satin apparel & pastel colours
3)Mediates between the soft and professional look
4)Comfy and casual when paired with skinny jeans (Female mag., May 2010). I am going to presume that it does your legs some justice when it is up against the shortening effect of skinnies.

Yowwza <3

"You carry Dior bags, and you got your Chanel, you wear Louis Vuitton, HG, and YSL,
Now I got what you need, I got DCMA, I got brass knuckles hanging from my neck in my chain."

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