Friday, May 14, 2010

New York Deli @ OU

Located at the ground floor, new wing

Grilled Chicken with Alfredo Penne

Seafood Platter : Smoked salmon, prawn fritters, fried calamari, cold crab, and fish fillets

Mushroom Pizza

This is how I like all my slices : covered with truckloads of parmesan

Something-something mocktail

Alfredo penne, to die for. Smoked salmon, perfect. However, the other items like the fried prawns, calamari rings, dory fillets, and cold crab were so very forgettable. The Mushroom pizza didn't hit off very well with my taste buds either.

But the mocktail tasted very cute, and by cute I mean like blended gummy bears ... ahhh, the nostalgia <3

The bill came up to RM 110.20 for 2 people, which I thought was within the normal price range since we had a giant plate of seafood =) oh, and did I mention that there were 3 slices of smoked salmon, and each was big enough to cover your face ? *drools*

P.S., Alfredo or carbonara can never go wrong, hehe ...

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