Friday, May 7, 2010

Blood Type Diet

A friend leaned over during lecture one day and told me about an odd diet that managed to help the sweet & bodacious Cheryl Cole lose some weight (yeah, my semi-obsessed mate googled her up and found this piece of info) ... Apparently, limiting yourself to specific types of food based on your blood category will help enhance your health and most importantly, BOOST YOUR METABOLISM (can I get a *woot*woot*, girls ?) There seems to be a long list of items that can't be eaten for every bloodtype, and your first reaction to your matching table would most probably be a greatly emphasized "What ?!" ... But if it worked for the celebrities, its gotta be something I guess =P

Click to enlarge 'Blood Type 0' Diet Table
Click to enlarge 'Blood Type B' Diet Table
Click to enlarge 'Blood Type A' Diet Table
Click to enlarge 'Blood Type AB' Diet Table

Personally, someone like me would never be able to follow through, cause I gorge on everything in my pathway ... like red fire ants =D hehe

[disclaimer : tables taken from]
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