Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Dreamy 1st May

Was really touched cause my a lvls classmates threw a surprise party for me, and later on my uni friends celebrated with me as well. I knew that ks, vien, and mummy took a long time to plan the party, and I loved it to bits ... My family and friends are awesome, and truly the best ! *hugz*

But most importantly, my heart melted at the fact that baby took 2 days of his studying time to be with me, despite the fact that his exam was drawing really close ... CLYJ, ILY more than Mt. Everest could ever stretch ;)

Now that I'm 21, I've got the golden key. Its really time to grow up, be independent, and take all challenges as they come ... Thank you, everyone, for making my 21st bday a memorable one =)
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