Monday, May 10, 2010

Temptations @ TLC

In case you're wondering why I was at Taylor's, I'd have to tell you that my team went there for the sole purpose of interviewing Dr Adnan, in order to gain more insight on GIS/GID, the acronym for Gender Identity Disorder. Awesome and very educational interview; don't think I've enjoyed one this much btw.

There was a cafe named 'Temptations' ... and its uniqueness came in the form of it being managed ONLY by the CA students ... The desserts looked lovely, though they could be a lil pricey for a campus range/ lunch budget (exp. RM 7.50 for a small piece of tart-size cake). If you're looking for a good way to test the Taylor's CA expertise in pastry, here's the right place.

P.S., I somehow imagined the lake to be bigger lol.

Haven't wore these working pants for a while now, have been stuck with pencil skirts =P

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