Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Dirtier the Restaurant, the Better the Food Tastes

You have to admit, the places around selling the best kind of grub are the ones where we have to :

1)Stand and eat
2)Endure the company of other "customers" such as cockroaches,rats, and stray dogs/cats
3)Squat in style beside a drain a.k.a. longkang
4) ... and at the same time hold your breath against the stench of the drain
5) Compete with other customers to get the attention of the person you are ordering from
6)Hold in your pee cause if their eating area is already that unhygienic, surely the toilets are dirtier beyond the capacity of your imagination.

In my opinion, an old, run-down, & dirty restaurant (with peeling wall tiles etc.)would be the best place to look for scrumptious meals that have been prepared with a traditional touch. Unlike in most new/modern restaurants where you witness your food swimming in MSG, the "tauke-tauke" of old eateries choose to add flavour into what they're selling by extracting it directly from its source ( exp. through boiling meat in soup overnight, or by frying then simmering) ... making the food extra awesome. However, there are rumours bout these places (like how the cook added a lil something 'extra' for ya; dirt, boogers, spit, sweat, pest droppings, or the lint wedged in between his/her nails).

This morning I woke up at 7am with the intention to head down to Jalan Alor, KL, for a hearty breakfast at an extremely old restaurant that I have patronized since I was a lil chubster. Not gonna mention where (since this post is about good food at dirty places) but I'm gonna share with ya the delicacies they have there =P

If you're tempted, happy hunting !

Fishball + fish wanton soup

Super smooth wanton skin that skates around your mouth ... hehe

Pops when you bite into its firm fresh tasty flesh

Promphet fish kuey teow soup

The All-Malaysian roti bakar + milo

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