Monday, June 25, 2012

A Mirror Doesn't Cost That Much

I quite loathe it when certain unqualified people who live in a house provided by their parents, drives a car paid off by their parents, and changes jobs repeatedly, tells u to :

(a) pick ur life up by chasing ur dream to study your Masters and get a higher-paid job; when they stupidly don't know that this job is needed as a stepping stone for Masters

(b) not decide who u wanna marry for life; and then pathetically fakes that they have met someone else when they're clearly not over u, just to comfort themselves

(c) takes weed & shisha almost every night, when they swore they hated smokers

(d) has no direction in life, and yet possesses the audacity to talk about "independence"

(e) sends you multiple texts so long , even when you don't reply, they come in the form of mms

(f) still acts and responds childishly when things do not go their way/when you reject them

(g) has a self-esteem so low, and is ashamed to bring people back to their natal home

(h) thinks they're psychologists and can "assumingly" tell whether ur happy or not, when clearly you didn't even tell them you're livindavidaloca in the first place; trying to act smart maybe?

(i) keeps changing jobs because they have no experience and ambition, yet desire a higher pay cause they are picky ... village-thinking maybe?

AND yet they have the guts to tell you how to live your life when you are the one who's independent, and them, still maturing both mentally, work-wise, and also financially.

It's time to grow up :)


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