Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Spirit of Msia

Where else to profess your love for your country other than at its iconic landmark :) blogging directly from the base of the twin towers

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Monday, August 30, 2010

What She Deems Posseriffic

Women. Ladies. Divas. Smile. 


P.S., A certain penguin's missing !
P.S.S., The gigantic bruise was the result of a sport-related accident lol

Glass Beads & Beating Hearts

Some girls fall in love quickly, and take forever to fall out of love.
Some girls take forever to fall in love, and an eternity to fall out of it,
though there's a portion who may take just a second to cut loose and deplete all emotions.
Lastly, some girls find it hard to fall in love, but also easy when it comes to losing faith,
cause when you do what you do ...

it just reinforces

everything that's aversive.

P.S., Catching what a kind friend downloaded for me ! S3 and S4 of How I Met Your Mother 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Cook's Venture

Portobello caps filled with seasoned avacado and shrimp :)  c'est magnifique

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Opera : Carmen (Act 1 - The Factory)

The factory bell rings and the cigarette girls emerge from the factory, greeted by young men who have gathered to flirt with them. Finally Carmen appears, and all the men ask her when she will love them ...
"Quand je vous aimerai?"
and she replies by singing the famous Habenera with her captivating voice.
"L'amour est un oiseau rebelle ... Love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame. He has never known law. If you don't love me I love you, if I love you, you'd best beware!" 
When they plead for her to choose a lover from among them, she throws some cassia from her bodice at Don José, for he was the only man who had ignored her. Insolence, Jose thought. Micaëla turns up, kisses him, and hands him a letter from his mother. José longingly thinks of his home, and read the letter ; the mère desires his return, and a daughter-in-law as well. Micaëla blushes and moves to leave, but Don José declares that he will marry her. After she departs, screams echo from the factory and the women run out in chaos. Don José and Zuniga found the feisty Carmen in a fight with another woman. She had slashed the woman's face. Zuniga arrests her, and asks if she has anything to say, but she replies impudently with a song.
"Tra la la"
José is then instructed to guard her while Zuniga writes out the warrant for prison. To escape, Carmen seduces José with a song about an evening date with her lover who is "only a corporal". José gives in and sets her free. Carmen pushes José to the ground, and escapes. 

[Taken from a site and altered a little]

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So this is mmu. Hmmm :) nice building

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Say What ??

At the Zell-V office in pav, accompanying a special someone :) Can barely believe that both pictures on the wall are of women near their 50s ... Dayuumm, can someone say yummy mummy?

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Monday, August 23, 2010

La Bodega @ BSC

A stretching variety of tapas to choose from.Would recommend the baby squid,
absolutely succulent!

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The New Jaguar XJ

This official site allows you to customize your own Jaguar XJ ! Just go to
and follow the steps below to configure your own piece :

Step 1) Choose your model
Step 2) Exterior (colour and wheels)
Step 3) Interior (interior trim and veneer)
Step 4) Options (head lamps, badge, parking aid)
Step 5) Accessories (mirror, finisher, splash guards)
Step 6) Confirm Full Details
Step 7) Locate a Dealer

Personally, I adore the caviar metallic

19" Toba Polished Alloy Wheels

Cashew Bond Grain leather seats with Truffle upper facia and Canvas headlining
Satin American Walnut

Awesome site to visit, no ?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Its a Cocoa World

They're having an all- imported choc fiesta at BSC (otherwise known as Bangsar Shopping Center) !

P.S., Also spotted a Key Lime Pie, have been meaning to try one for some time now.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lobby Lounge, Shangri-La Hotel, KL

An excellent place to just kick back, relax and enjoy; the garden and fountains behind the giant glass panel will transpire into a scenic view as the evening light dawns. The best thing to do there ? Sip on a cocktail and let the live band serenade you with some soft jazz :)

Took a minute or two to admire this hot thing parked right outside the entrance of the hotel ;)

Crabtree & Evelyn Biscuits

Waltzed into the shop and realized that it wasn't just a beauty/skin care product outlet. They also have an array of baked biscuits such as double choc, butter hazelnut, and lemon cookies. I opted for the white choc & raspberry, as both were ingredients that I fancied. They turned out to be quite tasty :) The larger tins sell for RM35 while the smaller ones go for RM18.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keeping Your Pages

Have been searching for the perfect book thong for a while now because my usual bookmarks have bent out of shape due to excessive use. I came across mauvrika.com , a site that sells handmade items. Couldn't help but oogle over the velvet book thongs ! You get to customize your own by choosing any 2 charms and the ribbon of your choice. Will definitely get one to bookmark my latest read.

Monday, August 16, 2010


beige debonair blazer, CK.
a perfect match for any pair of khakis.
and they're oh so chic and comfy to wear :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Speaking The Mind

There's just loads on my mind right now that I would like to express in a sequence of firing missiles, only in this case, the missiles contain a deadly mixture of emotions.

Most women find it hard to talk about what's really going on up there in their heads. Not because they do not have the ability to confront (this is especially true because females are supposedly more verbally expressive) nor is it due to the fact that we are more forgiving and tend to let things slip (the idea that women love to create drama out of petty deals, is no doubt just a stereotype).

The reason why we choose not to voice out most of the time is because we already have considered the consequences of doing so ... and these imagined outcomes are ones that run pretty far into the future. Its true, we're not creatures of impulse.

We won't just tell people to apologize even if they were really insulting.
We won't just criticize an effort even if it was really bad.
We won't bother listing out the things we have done for a person although the latter may do the complete opposite.
Even if something was really hurtful, we'll just bury it deep inside.

No, women do not really express how they feel, contrary to popular belief. We don't confront, because we don't fancy drama. We cry quietly because we expect to bear the pain by ourselves, rather than letting the other person experience guilt.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the female species is oh-too-noble to be a pain in the butt sometimes. The point I'm trying to get across is, the next time someone blatantly says "I don't know what women want, they never tell", just spare them a few words of advise.

Try listening. Listen to the subtle hints she's been dropping. Listen to things said that she tried to pass off as jokes. Don't just work something up to a level and then stop, because effort is vital.

Yeah, we're the verbal kind ... but in this case, I guess we're just not verbal enough.

Just a random topic that has been lingering on my mind, and which I felt needed a lil insight into :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tekken (Semi Spoiler)

Watched Tekken today with Michelle :) It was exciting because Tekken was a childhood ps1 & ps2 game I used to play with my brother and guy cousins. Yes, I practically grew up with the play station and gameboy like how they did. Thing was, I thought that the movie was going to be another letdown like D.O.A., but it turned out to be quite good cause there were barely any changes made to the characters' appearances (though Jin's hair should be spiked up a lil more) and the cast have perfected their fighting moves to mimic the ones in the game.

Yoshimitsu used to be my favourite character because he was one of the strongest. I would use him incessantly when I had to virtually fight against the boys, and the move that I would always perform would be the one where he levitates in a sitting position and spins round with his sword. In the movie however, Yoshimitsu was easily defeated, and Mishima didn't really get a chance to display his skills. That was the movie's only flaw I guess.

Rating : 7/10

P.S., My bro is now playing the latest version of the game on PS3 =D

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elizabeth Taylor

Back when I was young, I once asked my parents which actress they thought was the prettiest. Without hesitating, they both agreed that the title belonged to the sexy & sultry Elizabeth Taylor, though a mediocre amount of people may disagree. It wasn't until a few years ago did I build up the interest to look for her photos, in order to assign a face to the legendary beauty I have heard of so frequently.

I was awestruck.

She had mesmerizing eyes, an elegant face structure, perfect make up, and a style that would rock for years to come. Couldn't get over the hair either; loved it.

Liz Taylor actually redefined retro as the new modern chic ... she's a true style star imo. A fashion icon ? she has my vote for sure.

Mother-Daughter Bonding

Nothing spells a perfect day out with the mummy like :
1) Shopping
2) Lunch @ Dome
3) Basking in the smell of books for hours
4) Tea time ( cupcakes *hearts*)
5) Indulging in an old fave ... Honey Baked Ham !

Monday, August 9, 2010

Babylon Bar @ Cenang, Langkawi

Babylon is hidden behind the Palace of India at Cenang Beach ... This place is the ultimate chill-out haven cause the band will channel some Bob Marley for you to just relax to. Nothing beats the music of peace beside a beach.

Zipangu @ Shangri-la Hotel, KL

Thumbs up for the ambience. The sashimi platter was pretty good, but in my opinion the other dishes were only alright. This was dinner though ... I heard that the lunch menu is much better :)


Good times.
Bad times.
Together, forever.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rockstarr Visors

Remember the ones that Taio Cruz & the babe wore in Break Your Heart ?

He rocked : The Midnight Black

She rocked : The Mono

A fashion must-have. About £165 a piece, designed by the professionals at the Manor of Rokstarr in London, England.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Love for Nature

I do go all out to get the angles I want.

The best lens is the one in your mind's eye ...

just envision :)

The Enigma of Your Ways

I'm sleeping on the floor tonight sir,
yes sir, yes I am,
for my heart needs something hard to support it,
to stop the tears from overflowing this dam,
to stop the thoughts from flooding my mind,
yes sir, yes I am,
I'm sleeping on the floor tonight,
don't worry don't fret I'll be alright.


I have yet to understand what are the matters of life that I desire.
Time is ticking, and its increasingly upsetting.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


courtesy of KS :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

C'est La Vie

langkawi & ipoh =)

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