Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tekken (Semi Spoiler)

Watched Tekken today with Michelle :) It was exciting because Tekken was a childhood ps1 & ps2 game I used to play with my brother and guy cousins. Yes, I practically grew up with the play station and gameboy like how they did. Thing was, I thought that the movie was going to be another letdown like D.O.A., but it turned out to be quite good cause there were barely any changes made to the characters' appearances (though Jin's hair should be spiked up a lil more) and the cast have perfected their fighting moves to mimic the ones in the game.

Yoshimitsu used to be my favourite character because he was one of the strongest. I would use him incessantly when I had to virtually fight against the boys, and the move that I would always perform would be the one where he levitates in a sitting position and spins round with his sword. In the movie however, Yoshimitsu was easily defeated, and Mishima didn't really get a chance to display his skills. That was the movie's only flaw I guess.

Rating : 7/10

P.S., My bro is now playing the latest version of the game on PS3 =D

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