Saturday, August 14, 2010

Speaking The Mind

There's just loads on my mind right now that I would like to express in a sequence of firing missiles, only in this case, the missiles contain a deadly mixture of emotions.

Most women find it hard to talk about what's really going on up there in their heads. Not because they do not have the ability to confront (this is especially true because females are supposedly more verbally expressive) nor is it due to the fact that we are more forgiving and tend to let things slip (the idea that women love to create drama out of petty deals, is no doubt just a stereotype).

The reason why we choose not to voice out most of the time is because we already have considered the consequences of doing so ... and these imagined outcomes are ones that run pretty far into the future. Its true, we're not creatures of impulse.

We won't just tell people to apologize even if they were really insulting.
We won't just criticize an effort even if it was really bad.
We won't bother listing out the things we have done for a person although the latter may do the complete opposite.
Even if something was really hurtful, we'll just bury it deep inside.

No, women do not really express how they feel, contrary to popular belief. We don't confront, because we don't fancy drama. We cry quietly because we expect to bear the pain by ourselves, rather than letting the other person experience guilt.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the female species is oh-too-noble to be a pain in the butt sometimes. The point I'm trying to get across is, the next time someone blatantly says "I don't know what women want, they never tell", just spare them a few words of advise.

Try listening. Listen to the subtle hints she's been dropping. Listen to things said that she tried to pass off as jokes. Don't just work something up to a level and then stop, because effort is vital.

Yeah, we're the verbal kind ... but in this case, I guess we're just not verbal enough.

Just a random topic that has been lingering on my mind, and which I felt needed a lil insight into :)

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