Thursday, May 6, 2010


Verdict : RDJ. ScarJo. Loaded machines. This movie just screams the word sexy. Nuff said.
Rating : 7.5
Venue : Summit GSC, tics @ RM6 (student price)
Company : Uni mates =)

Verdict : One word. Awesome.
Rating : 9.5/10 (-0.5 cause as usual, in HK shows, the enemies attack you one by one while the other 'konco-koncos' are busy dancing in the background with their weapons)

One of the actors captured my attention from the very start of the movie. The guy who played Ip Man's first deciple bore an uncanny resemblance to my China tour guide, Louis =P The choreography was so good. I don't think I've been this obsessed with a movie since 1997's Titanic (and I was barely 8 years old at that time) ... A funny thing happened after the movie though. I decided to 'wing chun' one of my friends on the shoulder by hitting him repeatedly and jumping about like a monkey ... In the process, the strap of my bag (containing my laptop) broke off and the whole thing crashed downwards.

The only thing that got wing chun-ed in the end was my big toe.
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