Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garden Cafe @ The Curve

Smoked salmon salad

Butter-Lemon Dory fish

Apple sorbet

My casual style for the day hehe

Nothing beats chilling in a beautiful garden-like cafe on a saturday afternoon with one of your sisters, and exchanging stories you've missed out on one another for the past few months =)

The salmon salad was served in a surprisingly large portion, and was worth every cent (priced at RM13.90).The butter-lemon sauce didn't fully compliment the dory fish because it came off a tad too sweet for my liking. The apple sorbet on the other hand sent us over the moon; the flesh of half an apple was scraped out and turned into sorbet, and then compressed back into the apple ... to top it off, they added a sweet dollop of cream which created a contrast with the sour-goodness of the sorbet

The bill came up to a total of RM49.90 after tax. Quite reasonable. The good service (the waiter was extremely friendly) when coupled with the ambience, will just make ya feel all the more relaxed <3

P.S., The sexy babe (otherwise known as Pea) treated me to this as a belated bday present *hugz*

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