Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Promotion @ Italiannies

We ordered the (from top to bottom) Quatro platter, Clams, Shrimp Linguine, Tiramisu, Beef & Bacon Carbonara Fettuccine, Steak platter, some house wine and a glass of Rome (cocktail) ... Bill amounted to RM230.00, reasonably cheap, I would say.

Haven't had Italiannies for a while now, and today I rediscovered the joy of being a fan of the food there ... though there was a slight portion cut in prawns when it came to the linguine.

They came up with a pretty attractive promotion today : Percentage of discount (on one main course meal) that's given is according to your mother's age. With that said, the steak platter was reduced from its original price of rm 40.30 to rm22.30 ...

Lol, I thought women were sensitive about their ages =P

Anyway, anyhow, was glad that Mommy enjoyed the day =)
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