Monday, October 3, 2011

Famous Thai @ SS15 Sbg (Carrefour Building, L5)

There were definitely some hits and misses. For example, the tomyam, veal green curry, soft shell crab, and sotong were good to me but the other dishes like the otal-otak, pandan chicken, steamed rice, and mango sticky rice weren't fragrant or moist enough. The thab thim grob and fried kangkung were kinda standard in terms of preparation so it was nothing to shout about. However, the green curry, soft shell crab, and peppered sotong were very flavourful ; definitely worth the order albeit its cost. Yes, the pricing at this place could be a little steeper compared to your average thai restaurant, but I guess its only attributed to the food presentation and service provided. Total bill came up to RM200 for 9 dishes, and we were stuffed. They have another chain located at Shah Alam. 

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