Sunday, October 2, 2011

Craft Brews @ Mutiara Damansara

Craft Brews is located just opposite the Tesco building. Usually quiet on weekdays, this brewery would typically summon a full house on fri and sat nights. They are famous for their monster green lagger, which unfortunately was sold out on the weekend we landed there. We settled for chocolate, hazelnut, and original rogue beer instead. Truthfully they were all horrible cause unless you're a rough lad you won't enjoy the killer stinging aftertaste. The appetizers on the other hand were good (about RM19 each). This applies to the spicy sausage wrapped in pig skin, the bacon and batter, and the calamari rings (this I absolutely love! I had 2 platters, not kidding). Though the batter came out a lil too hard on that night, the squid rings were still succulent and the spice used was simply addictive, turning the platter deliciously moreish. For mains, we sampled the house pasta (RM26), honey mustard ribs (RM35), and pork burger (RM29). The house pasta was basically your choice of a pasta, laden with bacon, mushrooms, and creamy sauce. The balance of the dish made it quite enjoyable and not at all cloying. The ribs were pretty good too ; there was a tangy taste to it and the meat fell off the bones pretty easily. The burger patty was house-made, so it was pretty flaky but otherwise seasoned quite well. I especially like the wedges that came on the side. They were soft on the inside, but extremely crispy on the outside. I'll definitely be back to sample more, but all in all, I would say that this is one bistro worth visiting :)

Visit their website here for more info on their address, telephone number, and business hours.

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