Monday, October 10, 2011

Coffee Chemistry @ First Sbg Mall

They have a very nice environment for chatting/studying but other than that, everything's pretty much overpriced and mediocre in terms of taste. The bacon beef carbonara (RM13) was not carbonara at all, and the asam laksa was not worth the RM16/bowl. There were hardly any fillings etc. The salmon wrap (RM6.90) on the other hand was alright. It's a healthy bite that comes with nachos and a serving of mango garden salad at the side. The latte (RM9.90) and caramel-flavoured hot chocolate (RM10.90) were definitely not up to par with what you'll be able to find elsewhere, even in starbucks or coffee bean. Unless you're a big fan of salmon wraps, this place is no doubt unmemorable.

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