Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chong Fue Claypot Fish @ SS15 Subang

Located along the famous bkt strech, this restaurant stood out for 1 reson : it's the only one with a fullhouse even on a weeknight. Fairly new, chong fue is a family business, selling homemade specialties to the public. You'll be able to see the owner running about taking orders and cleaning up the tables ; yeap they have not hired any workers to help out with their mini venture. The food took quite a while to arrive (approximately 25 mins) but that's forgivable because they're new in the business and may still be sorting out the serving system they established. We ordered the claypot tilapia, steamed salted chicken, claypot lohshufun, potato leaves, and pig stomach soup. The fish was really fresh and meaty, but then again I've had better elsewhere because the sauce was not sufficiently infused with the flesh. The same could be said for the chicken. Potato leaves were nicely fried and flavoured though, I enjoyed this intensely! The lohshufun and pig stomach soup were both alright, but I would have preferred the former to be wok-fried instead of being drenched in soup, cause afterall claypot lohshufun is suppose to be ... well, dry :)

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