Friday, September 16, 2011

Dancing Fish @ BSC

Despite rave reviews, I actually feel that the gulai pucuk paku is overated, and so is the yellow rice. I've had better. But the belacan brinjal, dancing fish (kedondong masak kicap), bebek goreng (duck), and grilled squid were both exotic and tasty to the palate! Will definitely return to try out the rendang beef and some other dishes like the kangkung too. The dancing fish itself was a very wonderful dish (fresh flesh with a crunchy outer layer), which made it the highlight of the night. Though so, other items on the menu like the sup buntut and pisang bakar were definitely not up to par in terms of taste with those served at Ole Ole. I guess different restaurants have their own specialty :) For an awesome go at the tilapia, do not hesitate to visit this place ! 

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