Monday, September 26, 2011

The Best PanMee @ The Hawker Food Court Opposite Harbourfront Bus Stop, Singapore

We tried the curry mee, potato pastry, masi lemak, gyoza and pan mee. To my surprise, the panmee was actually the best I have ever tasted so far. The soup was flavourful, and they were generous with both the noodles and its ingredients. The egg added a silky touch to the already smooth-textured panmee. Only costs SG4.50 for a bowl, and I'm craving one so badly at this hour :(

The curry noodles were not bad, and were loaded with ingredients as well (SG5.00) but till this day the panmee was the only thing that latched on to my mind like a indulgent-laden parasite. This is not something you would have expected from a under-patronized hawker stall. One more bowl please !
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