Friday, September 9, 2011

A Candlelight Dindin @ Windmill, Subang Jaya

My 1st solid meal since being admitted into the hospital for a dislocated intestinal sitch. The doink was so cute, wanted to cheer me up with somewhere cozy to dine. He had the Betty Platter (prawns, fish, scallops etc.) and I had the baked fish with white sauce and potatoes (cause they were soft food). I prefer the platter though, tastes much more flavourful. Side dishes were available as well, but we both agreed that though the broccoli and mushrooms were seasoned perfectly, they were a tad too greasy for our liking [re: absolutely drenched in margarine]. Here's a tip, stick to their platters !

Though I couldn't stomach much, I still enjoyed the night heaps <3 heheee

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