Saturday, July 10, 2010

Of CupCakes & Love

Got a cute batch of cuppies that I could not have resisted, because they were pink & had pretty sugar flowers on top ...

Nah, I just got them at Berry's cause I have this insatiable need to lick off the icing on every cupcake I see. Yes, I'm guilty of attacking the tops and just leaving the bottoms behind ... but if they're Cupcake Chic sinful treats, its a whole different story =)

Was petite & cute-looking, but the icing started to melt ... I think most girls adore cuppies cause they're deemed pretty

Some choco ones for the sweet-toothed me

Yesterday I came across a colourful brochure from A Taste Boutique (kiosk located @ sunway pyramid) ... and I obsessively scanned through the pages for pictures of cupcakes that would stimulate my palate.

A colour scheme jolly enough to make your pupils enlarge at the sight of it

They bake & design cupcakes that are ordered

... and snow-skin cakes that I desire so very much

Next stop, A Taste Boutique !

P.S., File's bursting cause there's just too many pictures for the upcoming food posts lol

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