Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fudge Factor

I think many people have the wrong idea about my living style.

"I'm afraid that my gift wouldn't be expensive enough for you"

Sigh. Its the hundred and one-th time I have tried to tell someone that though I may not hesitate to spend on certain items, it certainly doesn't mean that I am equivalent to a materialistic individual.

I won't beat about the bush; it may sound very unappreciative of me but I actually do not completely fancy gifts that you can just purchase out of a store. In fact, I am more appreciative of gifts that you have made by yourself or have put effort into.

If it comes from your heart, I would love it to bits. Yes, what I desire in gifts, would definitely be the effort part.

Take for example, my heart literally melted when someone dear surprised me on my birthday by taking me on a picnic at the beach (to top it off, awesome sandwiches & cupcakes were prepared). This, was a present I have dreamt of for as long as I could remember, and he made it happen *smiles*

I am absolutely sure that many people out there feel the same way. Therefore, it would only be relevant if we're not so quick to judge someone with less qualms when spending, for he or she may not be constantly aiming for the finest things in life.

And with that said, let's just all learn to digress a little from that stubborn mindset :)

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