Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hearty Puzzles

It's amazing how everything seems much more out of this world when you've got simple technology like paint and rollip to colour up every memory. Say photoshop, wha-whatt ?

Yup, you've got it right. I've gone on another food spree in a futile attempt to gain weight in all the right areas, and consequently I have subjected myself to the state of a marshmallow. 

I was too full to walk.

I could have picked up my latest read and just indulge myself in the imaginative world of a novel, but sadly to say the novel has been highly assimilated with a cookbook, luring me into its trap to gag at every page turned, considering the fact that I was at that hour stuffed like a christmas turkey gobblegobble. So there's nothing better than to explore what the internet has to offer me in terms of collaging tutes and what not.

Well, truth is, I didn't pick up any pointers from the net, but hey I just allowed the soul of my creativity to take heed. Who knew collaging could take up a fun-filled 2 hours ? Reminds me of the time I've spent in kindergarten tearing and sticking pictures back again in order to make them look more colourful ... or rather I was instructed to do so for art class, and didn't know the purpose. Probably the latter. Alright, I digress. 

I use to be all artsy-fartsy from kindergarten up till secondary. Was always one of those students who could draw and paint really well. But I always did it for fun, not to enhance my skills whatsoever since I was quite, if I could geekishly admit, solely dedicated to science. Anyway anywho, playing with the pixels this time kinda gave me a nostalgic kick ... and I'm glad to say that the memories that came flooding back were just [picture perfect].

Well back to the topic. I've been playing round with rollip for some time now, and I realised just how addictive this thing can get. You'll know you're hooked on when this rushing wave of OCD engulfs you at the very thought of leaving your naked pictures (and by naked I mean the original colour form of the photo - not lomolized) alone, just the way they are. Yes, the urge will pull you, and cajole you into a multiple-effect frenzy with your clickety-click. Technology, gotta love it ;) *purrs*

It's like graphic shebang. Pretty easy and in the process, quite relaxing to the mind. Have fun kiddos !

Retro effects are cute :)

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