Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yuen Steamboat, Mentari Subang Jaya

Buffet Steamboat. Yes, buffet. Yes, we're Malaysians. Yes, we ate more than our stomachs could stomach (no pun intended). Yeap, we couldn't walk ... But hey, we were satisfied !
Yin-Yang : Clear soup on one side, tomyam on the other

All sorts of food to choose from (the panel beside the windows) : usual steamboat ingredients, seafood, siam mihun and fried rice, bbq chicken wings, curry chicken, fruits, ice-cream ...

Another snapshot !

The well sought-after bbq chicken wings ... Customers hover over it as soon as a new batch arrives (though I'll have to add that I prefer their curry chicken more)

Approximately RM20.00 per person. Additional payment for drinks. The siam mihun was good, but not all the raw ingredients for the steamboat were fresh. Business opens from 5pm onwards. Personally, I found the price range extremely cheap =)

P.S., The place is located opposite the Motorola Phone Service Center

P.S.S., Its halal ya'll !

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