Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Xenri (Jap Fine Dining Restaurant), Old Klang Road

Appetizer : Edamame beans

Main course meals : Sashimi, Foei Gras (goose liver, french style), Unagi platter, Salmon platter, Grilled Saba fish, Tempura plate, Sushi plate, Spicy salmon-cabbage soup, Sea snails, Japanese fried rice ... (I was stuffed after everything)

Dessert : Choice of Rock Melon, Green Tea + Azuki Beans, or Lavender ice-cream (I love all three!)

Beverage : Green tea, Red and White wine (self-brought)

Portion : For 15 people

Price range : RM60 per person (acquaintance price)

Extremely worth it ! Only problem was that the food all came too quickly and you would be rushing to finish it ... But in terms of taste, excellent =)
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