Friday, June 18, 2010

When Stuck, Improvise

Besides using cognitive behavioural therapy, a little painting helps with stress, ALOT =)
I decided to Bali-fy my room a lil bit more by adorning one of its wall with a vintage clock. Searched high and low in the mall for a wooden and unique piece ... even went round Home Treasures twice but not one was to my liking (though I absolutely adore the wooden furniture there!). Was not willing to give up, so I headed to a shop somewhat similar to Rooms and purchased a really beautifully-shaped wall clock. The only problem that was presenting itself : it wasn't brown (therefore not "Bali" enough).

As a result of too much advice from someone, I DECIDED TO PAINT IT MYSELF USING BANCHO POSTER PAINT and not some glam permanent wood-varnish colour from the art store which takes 3 days to dry =P

Originally gray ...

Bought 6 bottles of paint ...

But ended up using one ! Yes, one = more than enough

Tested a little ... Started at the base

Worked upwards ...

Painted the sides as well ... paid attention to detail and filled up the nooks and crannies

Left it to dry ...

Viola ! The end product, on the wall :)

I love my room all the more now *dreamy sigh*

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