Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Everyone's A Sherlock

There's always a point in our lives where we begin a "hurmm" that sparks a whole series of active wondering. What am I saying ? Well, ever reached a certain age where you start to ponder about your past ? Not just your recent past, but the episode that took place so long ago that even travelling back in thought makes it seem like an exhausting journey through the time vortex without the help of a wormhole ... no pun intended. I was reminiscing my 7 year old life when I grew increasingly curious about my toddler years, and also about the ones that took place before I even first breathed air ( you know, just to complete the whole set of memories yada yada). Here's what I managed to enlighten myself with when I bombarded my source with so many questions that it became excruciatingly painful and tedious to answer. 

*Apparently, I was conceived in the United States. 

*I was also 2 months away from receiving my automatic citizenship there. 

*My name was strictly meant to bear its english meaning, but took a turn with a missing letter 'r'. Its still pronounced like its meant to be though.

*My english name has nothing to do with my chinese one. They are in no way interconnected, and neither do they carry the same meaning.

*Did I mention that the latter is a guy's name ?

*My dad would let me off the hook easily when I was a kid cause I was deemed witty.

*I reasoned with the beauty pageant MC on stage, in front of a crowd, about how it would be a better idea for him to hold the microphone for me so that I could have my hands free. I told him that I would be able to do a better rendition of the poem I prepared, and it would increase my chances of being the talent of the night. I was only 6. And the amused MC obliged to the "little chilli" :D

*I'm a banana, yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Been laughed at for my obscene canto-dialect pronunciations. Been laughed at since I was 7. I had a full english upbringing, but I'm working on my mother tongue, and have been improving *kembang*

*I've always told my parents how much I wanted to be a boy and loathed being a girl.

*Was a candy addict since I was a child. Lollipops, gum drops, popsicles, cotton candy, cupcakes, licorice ... though I only appreciated tantalizing chocs and cakes when I was in high school.

*Couldn't stop since then ... ooohhh *shivers in delight*

*My love for rhymes probably paved the way for my participation in state level choir competitions throughout my primary and secondary life. 

*Because of that I also went into orchestra, and spent most of my extra-curricular time either singing or rehearsing the formation for the school band, besides memorizing all the music scores and pieces .    

I wonder what I would discover the next time round ? hurmmm ... 

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