Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tien Kee @ De Happyland Hawker, USJ 14/1L, Subang

This place has got really good soup & porridge! They also sell noodles to pair up with the clear sweet broth they're so famous for. A bowl of yam rice and the soup of your choice (garoupa, ikan parang, pork, bitter gourd, salted vege and szechuan vege - mix and match if you'd like) sells for only RM 7 a set. At night this lil stall shifts to Sin Kong Hawker at Taipan (opposite paparich). What's impressive about the food is the fact that it's msg-free and still tastes so flavourful. I had the fish porridge, pork soup, and yam rice :) A must try !

Tien Kee @ 0122320028
Operating hours : 7.30am - 2.30pm (DeHappyLand)
                           5.30pm - 10.30pm (Sin Kong)

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