Thursday, September 30, 2010

Huddle Huddle Hud

A few days ago, a friend asked ... "What is it that you really want from this life?".

I could only stare at him with a surprised expression, not because I didn't expect this question from someone at some point, but because I couldn't answer. 

I was like a little kid who was caught red handed for sticking her hand into a cookie jar ... one who could only stutter when questioned. Such behaviour was unacceptable.

I simply shrugged and gave him a socially-familiar reply.

"I don't know."

Such an answer was more unacceptable by a mile.

I knew exactly what I wanted out of life. I have even planned out everything.

But in a cruel twist of fate,
If anything should take an unexpected turn,
I'll be ready to face it,
With an open heart with a beating chest,
So help me I will,
Cause I am stronger than this.

Now, ask me again.
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