Monday, January 2, 2012

I Made : Beef Noodles


Ingredients :
3 beef cubes
500g of australian beef blade
A dash of dark soy sauce
A pinch of ajinomoto
A pinch of white pepper
White and orange carrots
Chinese celery 
Cow tripe (1 slab)
1 packet of Beef balls 
1 packet of Kuey teow

- Serves 2 -

Steps :
1) Boil both white and orange carrots till soft 
2) Add 3 dashes of dark soy sauce, white pepper, beef cubes, and simmer in pot.
3) Fry the beef shoulder chunks in garlic and add to the broth.
4) Ajinomoto/salt to taste.
5) Add in beef balls and cut tripe into strips. Let everything boil down into a thicker broth.
6) Add chopped scallions/chinese celery for a hearty aroma.
7) Garnish with celery leaves, and serve pipping hot.
8) Accompaniment(s) - Cleansing tea of choice, pickles/gherkins in a small bowl, and green chilli padi with soy sauce.

- Allow preparation & cooking time to span approximately 35 mins - 

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