Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scented Truffle

I remember the first time I needed to go on a date with my (then) boyfriend. Though I had playfully asked when he wanted a movie, I was actually reluctant and not really up for it yet. I was just flirting through those texts. Who knew we would have eventually started dating after that particular movie outing. The first date led to a second, a third, a fourth ... and so on. Dragging myself to the very first meeting proved to be something life-changing cause I allowed him to enter my life after a heartbreak from a previous flame. It was a good thing because he taught me what a true boy-girl relationship was all about & he also taught me for a second how to love.

It's funny how I have to repeat the whole process again, and as quick as tomorrow. Though I've been spotting quite an uncanny appearance lately whilst I'm still nursing myself, I can't help but worry if I'd look pretty or just as cutsie for tomorrow's dinner date :) I'm hyped !

Yup, here comes my next chapter. Just hoping we'll retain the same amount of chemistry as we did last week, though I would prefer for it to be platonic at the moment. Lol, life's a fruit cake, but a sweet one !

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