Friday, February 25, 2011

Being an XX Can Be A Bummer Sometimes

And I mean those who possess the paired XX chromosome. 
Its that time of the month where we can't control our emotions and are commonly agitated by the slightest buzz of a fly. Right now I'm extremely mean, hormonal, and pretty bonkers. chicken-crazy. balls-hyped. whatever you name it. 
Imma marshmallow.
I have no appetite.
Just can't wait for the strawberry context to stop swirling. 
fyi I can't tolerate my own mood swings either ... spare me oh great hormonessssss *gurgles*

Sigh, I'm so obnoxious at this point ... tsk tsk !

I've become increasingly nut-like cause the thought of graduation drawing near is just crazy!
But its supposedly nothin' right?
I freak out over the smallest things in life. I needa collect myself and start seeing the big picture. 
Some help please?
Feels funny, the transition from student to employee, and back to student again when I pursue my higher education. Very funky. Cheese tart funky.
Ahhh, willies =/

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